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The hamburger is North America’s trademark food, a delicious ground beef patty, with your choice of toppings and a soft white bun.Steaks are the most sought after food especially when you're talking about Chef's 10oz. ribeye , or N.Y. strip ! Welcome to Meatheads Steak and Burger House, in London, Ontario, At MEATHEADS, we take our MEAT seriously, so that's why we offer the BEST premium Certified 100% Canadian Beef, with finer marbling to ensure exceptional flavour and juiciness. Its locally raised and grain fed without the use of antibiotics, don't forget our fresh cut fries! Top your burger with all your favorite toppings. We know you will enjoy the wide variety of condiments and freshly sliced vegetables, an assortment far exceeding the traditional hamburger topping choices. Delectable gourmet burgers are one of our specialities. Indulge yourself with the best Steaks and Burgers in our wonderful restaurant atmosphere.

What could be better than enjoying a gourmet hamburger amongst friends? Well how about a Prime Canadian Beef steak? Fresh and grilled to perfection, we boast one of the best steaks in London paired with a selection of sides made-to-order. Your steak will be prepared exactly as you request and we guarantee you will be impressed.

At Meatheads Steak and Burger House we know how to exceed expectations. Your dining experience is important to us, we understand you have many choices when it comes to choosing what you eat which is why we guarantee fresh, local food and 100% Canadian Beef .

The 100% Canadian Beef Difference

100% Canadian Beef is thoroughly inspected for purity and goodness by government officials and subsequently graded for quality, ‘Prime’ being the highest quality ranking. This ranking relies heavily upon ‘marbling’, the small white flecks in the meat. High quality meats, like 100% Canadian Beef, will have just the perfect amount of marbling, the vehicle for juicy, tender, flavourful steaks and meat dishes. At Meatheads Steak and Burger House we use 100% Canadian Beef exclusively, ensuring the highest standard of quality and flavour.